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Friday, 7 July 2017

Free dudesnude giveaway

This is a FREE  pair of Andrew Christian "show it" briefs exclusive to a member of
Only one winner of this pair only.
To win them email me at with the words ACDUDES.
I will randomly pick a winner and will send them to any country.
email me with ACDUDES and tell me your dudesnude name.
Please dont message me the words on my profile only by email
Its that simple
They are a new(ish) clean pair
you can have them any way you want.
You know what i mean by that 😊
I will email the lucky winner and post his profile name only on the forum posting.
It would be great if the winner submitted some pics wearing them to me (optional).
Closing date:12August 2017

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 10 July update-Amazing response so far but plenty of time to enter so just send that email and remember to leave your profile name.
4 August update- Just over a week to go before someone bags these.Thanks to the guys who have left me some really exciting remarks and comments telling me  what they will do with them if they win them including share me some pics wearing them.That I like so will you do it too??

The winner was chosen....
huigay from Germany
Congratulations and enjoy them huigay

1 comment:

penfire said...

love your hot underwear and that definately HOT BULGE- yum yum
your blog is damn hot and sexy